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About us

Australia is a special destination for many reasons. We treasure our laid back attitude to life, celebrate our diversity of culture, laud our world leading cuisine and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds us. But it is Australia’s unique wildlife that inextricably connects this place to people around the globe.

For wildlife connoisseurs interested in traveling to Australia to experience its remarkable offerings, it has been somewhat challenging to piece together an itinerary given the wide range of climatic conditions, travel distances, wildlife species and their behaviours and volume of tour operators to choose from.

Australian Wildlife Journeys addresses these needs by grouping together like-minded wildlife tourism operators, passionate about raising the profile of responsible wildlife encounters talking place within the wild, combined with world-class hospitality.

Central to these touring experiences is the assurance of quality interpretative guiding that connects with visitors, encourages self reflection and is respectful of local community values. Members are also united by the commitment to provide rich information about different wildlife classes (birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, fishes) and specific wildlife events across the seasonal calendar (such as breeding cycles and migratory patterns).

With destinations around the world, including our great country, being threatened by climate change impacts, extreme weather, water scarcity, and unprecedented rates of biodiversity loss, we believe that sustainable tourism addresses the challenges head on, by protecting our amazing destination at the same time as giving travellers the opportunity to actively contribute to the regeneration of local ecosystems on our tours.

We know that it is this sense of custodianship and care that will make travellers care about us.

Formation and Membership

Australian Wildlife Journeys was established as a not-for-profit alliance in September 2016, with 12 members representing a wide array of Australia’s different ecosystems (both aquatic and terrestrial) and wildlife classes. Each member of the collection demonstrates a standard of interpretative guiding and hospitality considered as the benchmark in each region. There are four directors representing the members, with an executive officer managing the marketing and administration of the company.

The brand is strongly guided by increasing the awareness of the country’s diverse and compelling wildlife portfolio, providing assets that make it easier for consumers and distribution partners to plan and bundle wildlife journeys and mentoring the wider wildlife tourism sector to enhance the country’s overall positioning. Rather than a booking service, the alliance facilitates referrals through to each member’s website and booking systems. The company is extremely proud to be working with a range of industry partners to help us achieve its mission, including Tourism Australia, various Australian State and Territory Tourism Organisations and travel consultants from across the globe.

Membership Enquiries

The collection is open to increasing the number of members, should applicants meet a set of pre-determined criteria. An approval process by the board of Directors is required before any applicant can join Australian Wildlife Journeys. To enquire about membership please contact: 

Executive Officer

1139 Playford Highway,

Cygnet River, SA, 5223