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Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a natural bay located in Southeast Queensland between the mainland and World Heritage-listed K'gari (formerly Hervey Bay), just below the start of the Great Barrier Reef. With depths generally less than 18 metres, this wide shallow bay of approximately 4000 square kilometres, provides perfect conditions for thousands of migrating whales to rest, play and interact with other whales in the calm waters.

The waters of Hervey Bay come alive with Humpback Whales between July and late October, with the region laying claim to some of the most active and inquisitive whales found anywhere across the globe, with breaches, whale songs and muggings (curious whales approach and interact with vessels) common practice.

The region is a critical resting ground for whales, with breeding pairs migrating ahead of mothers and calves, all part of the annual migration to and from the Southern Ocean. Whales stay in the Hervey Bay region for an average of 10 days with various age groups enjoying the tranquil waters, including mothers and their calves, as well as juvenile and adult males that can often be heard “singing” underwater.

Long regarded as Australia’s whale watching capital, Hervey Bay was the first declared Whale Heritage Site by the World Cetacean Alliance in 2019.



Featured operator

  • Featured operator

    Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures Australia

    Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures Australia (PWFEAA) was founded in 2011 as a fully owned subsidiary of Pacific Whale Foundation, an international NGO dedicated to protecting our ocean and marine life since 1980. 

    Based in Hervey Bay in Queensland, PWFEAA takes guests on voyages in The Great Sandy Marine Park to experience the wonder of its unique marine habitat and its incredible array of diverse marine life. As the only operator in the region to have been researching Humpbacks Whales for over three decades, Pacific Whale Foundation scientists are...

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