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Wildlife Region

Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay is surrounded by the UNESCO Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve; an area that has been internationally recognised for its significant biological diversity. This protected zone encompasses recently discovered biodiversity hotspot of Bremer Canyon.

The canyon has an impressive footprint, at a length of 200 kilometres, a width of 70 kilometres and a depth of 3.5 kilometres. To put this in perspective, this is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon in the United States. Aside from the uplift of nutrients from the cold waters drifting from Antarctica as the currents reach the canyon, scientists are also researching the possibility that fuel deposits laid down millions of years ago could be leaking, releasing compounds that may also contribute to richness of food available near the surface for numerous marine species.

The region’s secrets are still being discovered with further research essential to understanding the complex deepwater ecosystems. The richness of sightings is remarkable, with rarely seen species including the Barau’s and Black-Bellied Storm Petrel, Oceanic Sunfish, Giant Squid and Oceanic Blue Shark just a sample of the opportunities presented in one of the least explored areas across the globe.