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Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay is located on the south coast of Western Australia, between Albany and Esperence. This idyllic coastal town houses a small population surrounded by scenic sweeping bays, rugged cliffs and sparkling turquoise waters. But in recent times, it has risen in prominence as the gateway to one of the ocean’s great wonders; the Bremer Canyon.

Located 60 kilometres offshore, this submarine canyon located at the edge of the Australian continental shelf supports one of the most astonishing aggregations of marine life anywhere on the planet. As cold water from extreme depths moves towards the base of the canyon, it brings nutrients used by phytoplankton and microscopic plants that provide a rich source of food for larger marine species.

From January to April, the region provides the amazing opportunity to reliably encounter Killer Whales (Orca), the ocean’s undisputed apex predator and the largest toothed predator to have ever lived, the Sperm Whale. Other species that are also drawn to the area include Long-finned Pilot Whales, rare Beaked Whales and the largest animal to ever have lived, the Blue Whale. There are also abundant opportunities to see large pods of Bottlenose, Striped, and Common Dolphins, and encounter shark species that include Great Whites, Whaler Sharks, and the beautiful Oceanic Blue, a species never seen from shore.

It’s also a pelagic birdwatchers dream, with an astonishing array of seabirds including albatross, shearwater and petrel species, often feeding on scraps of giant squid floating on the surface. 

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Featured operator

  • Featured operator

    Naturaliste Charters

    Naturaliste Charters has been offering spectacular eco-adventures off the spectacular southwest Western Australian coastline for over 20 years, including the world-famous Bremer Canyon and Margaret River regions.

    Paul and Alison Cross purchased the business in 2009, with the aim to enrich people’s lives through provision of an ecotourism experience defined by the highest standards of safety, customer service, environmental sustainability and connection between guests and the extraordinary marine biodiversity of the region.

    The local family-owned business is recognised as a leader in the responsible travel sector, actively engaged...

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