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Naturaliste Charters

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition

  • Available from: December 11 2024 - April 27 2025

From: $250 USD

Duration: Full Day (approx 8 hours)

Type: Groups, Shared.

Departs: Daily

Interests: Marine Mammals.

The Bremer Canyon has become one of the most sought-after whale watching expeditions across the globe, with over 100 Killer Whales (Orcas) returning to the submarine canyon each year from December to April; the only place in Australia where you can regularly encounter Killer Whales in the wild.

  • During the season, travellers can encounter these apex predators engaging in a variety of activities from hunting to socialising in family groups.

  • As well as encountering Killer Whales over 95% of the time, other species seen include Bottlenose, Striped and Common Dolphins, Long-Finned Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Hammerhead, Oceanic Blue and Whaler Sharks, Australian Sea Lions, New Zealand Fur Seals, Giant Squid, Oceanic Sunfish and even the rare Beaked Whale.  

  • It’s also a pelagic birdwatchers dream, with an astonishing array of seabirds including the Wandering Albatross, Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross, Flesh-footed Shearwater and petrel species.

  • Every expedition by Naturaliste Charters is led by a qualified marine biologist with extensive knowledge and experience in local marine ecology, wildlife and environmental education.

Price per adult. Black-out dates may apply. Pricing is subject to availability and all prices, itineraries and routings are subject to change without notice. Currency fluctuations may affect prices as quotes based on AUD. Prices are current at time of posting (1/4/2024) and may differ when you book your travel. Please contact us for our current pricing and itinerary details*


Tour day-by-day

  • Full Day Expedition

    One of the world’s greatest full-day oceanic expeditions departs from the beautiful town of Bremer Bay, a two-hour drive from Albany or five-hour drive from Perth. From Albany, Naturaliste Charters offers transport to and from Bremer Bay with Busy Blue Bus.

    After arriving at 7.45am at the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour, guests will board the Naturaliste Charter’s long-range expedition vessel purpose-built for the Southern Ocean, ready for an 8:30am departure. From Bremer Bay, the landscape of scenic bays and cliffs along with sparkling turquoise waters will shortly give way to the deep blue expanses of the Southern Ocean.  On departure, guests should keep an eye out for dolphins, Australian Sea-lions and numerous seabirds.

    The expert crew will commence an exciting and informative multimedia presentation, delving into the Killer Whale’s biology and ecology, as well as information about the other marine life the expedition is likely to encounter. After a journey of approximately 1.5 hours, the vessel will arrive to the Bremer Canyon area, one of the most amazing marine environments on earth, where guests will commence the search for the apex predator in the ocean, the Killer Whale.

    Paul Cross - Naturaliste Charters - Guide Profile - Australian Wildlife Journeys"We thrive on involving our guests in activities on board that contribute to research and support longer term conservation efforts. We regularly host research personnel on board and collect data ourselves too, including recording sightings, photographic identification and water quality information which contributes to understanding of species encountered and the broader marine environment."

    Paul Cross - Skipper & Founder

    It is common for pods of Killers Whales to approach and surround the vessel and expeditions often witness these magnificent creatures hunting. The spectacle of these predators chasing and devouring their prey is breath-taking, with seabirds such as albatross and shearwaters only too happy to pick up the scraps. On-board an expert marine biologist will share information about the pods social behaviours, along with other facts about the local marine ecology.

    The day of unforgettable encounters is fully catered, with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided, and unlimited hot and cold beverages are available.  The vessel returns approximately 4.30pm, with guests sure to be left awed by our amazing blue planet. 

    Acoustic Monitoring

    In addition to witnessing these incredible marine mammals, guests may also be able to hear them if conditions permit. Killer Whales live in family pods that have their own unique dialect or range of sounds. In other parts of the world, researchers use these vocalisations to identify family pods

    Although the region has not been studied in details, researchers are already discovering information and movement patterns of pods in the region, providing a platform for future management and conservation. 

    Photo Identification

    Naturaliste Charters also invites guests to participate in contributing photo ID shots of the animals encountered, to contribute to the growing database of individuals. As a citizen scientist, your ID shots also make a valuable contribution to this important research, conducted by Project Orca.

    Individual Killer Whales have variations in the shape of the dorsal fin (with notable variations such as nicks and notches), the white eye patch’s shape and size, and the grey marking on the back (also known as the saddle patch). 


  • Tour details

    Vessel Details: The beautiful Alison Maree is a modern, spacious and luxurious 20m catamaran, providing the ultimate in stability, comfort and safety. A long range expedition vessel purpose-built for the Southern Ocean she is immaculately presented, with three spacious viewing decks.
    Group Size: We have only a maximum of 50 passengers on any Bremer Canyon Expedition and keep under the limit on any Whale Watching Experience which leaves plenty of room for all.

    Pick-up and Drop Off Point: Bremer Bay Boat Harbour, Lot 115 Swarbrick Rd, Western Australia 6338
    Pick-up and Drop-off Time: Passengers need to arrive 7.45am, vessel departure at 8.30am, returns at approximately 4.30pm.
    All cruises are subject to minimum numbers & weather conditions.

    Want to spend multiple days viewing the incredible marine life? There is new discounted three-day pass that entitles you to take three Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expeditions from $999 AUD. Please click here to book.

    Bus and Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition Package from Albany (departure and return) is available to book here.

    How you'll be making a positive impact

    We have aligned our sustainability vision with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    E-WEB-Goal-14Onboard Research with Naturaliste Charter

    As a globally-recognised innovator in the industry, Naturaliste Charters supports numerous projects, collaborations and also facilitates independent research onboard throughout the year. The team has been collaborating with Geographe Marine Research (GMR) for over a decade and among other projects, submit images daily, especially of endangered Blue Whales and Southern Right Whales.

    The team also supports guests to get involved with Citizen Science via eBird Australia, iNaturalist and the HappyWhale platform.

    With a variety of seasons comes different data collection opportunities. Dunsborough and Augusta have longer term data that is very specific, versus the relatively new Bremer Bay Killer Whale Expedition (that Naturaliste Charters founded) where scientists are only just beginning the research journey to understand this incredible ecosystem.

    E-WEB-Goal-04Revealing the Mysteries of Bremer Canyon & Beyond

    Orcas were first ‘discovered’ off Bremer Bay in the early 2000s by Dave Riggs, when he was on an annual tuna research expedition from Esperance to Albany. In 2013 he produced a film called The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator, and not too long after that, Naturaliste Charters led by owner Paul Cross, worked alongside Dave to run the first dedicated expedition to see Orcas in Australian waters.

    Naturaliste Charters is a national leader in supporting projects, collaborations and facilitating research onboard, regularly hosting active researchers and partnering with institutions and organisations to publish papers. A comprehensive list of articles has been made possible due to these contributions, ranging from the effect of El Niño Southern Oscillations on apex predators, tracking rare pelagic bird species for the BirdLife Australia Rarities Committee, to documenting the incredible Orca predation events witnessed off Bremer Bay, including Blue Whales.

    E-WEB-Goal-12Eradicating Single Use Plastics with Containers for Change

    On board the Alison-Maree vessel, guests will not find any single use plastics. In 2018, Naturaliste Charters committed to being plastic free, replacing disposable coffee cups and lids with bio-cups which are compostable and manufactured sustainably, and replacing plastic bottles with a hydration system to serve fresh, filtered and chilled water. Any cans that the organisation sells or other recyclable items are dropped to Containers for Change, who cash in 10 cents per item, which is donated directly to local environmental organisations and charities.

    E-WEB-Goal-17Developing Partnerships To Meet Sustainability Goals

    Naturaliste Charters is a national leader in supporting projects, collaborations and facilitating research onboard, regularly hosting active researchers and partnering with institutions and organisations to publish papers.


    Research groups and academics supported in the Bremer Bay region include:

    • West Australian research group Project O.R.C.A.
    • Murdoch University
    • International scientist Jochen Zaeschmar
    • International scientist Marianne Nyegaard
    • Birdlife Australia Rarities Committee (BARC)
    • eBird including surveys with Daniel Mantle and Plaxy Barratt

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