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Indian Ocean Experiences


Christmas Island

How do I get to Christmas Island?

Virgin Australia flies to Christmas Island (XCH) directly from Perth (PER), with the flight duration around 3 hours. After dropping passengers on Christmas Island, the plane continues a further 90 minutes to the Cocos Islands (CCK).

Are there any banking facilities?

Westpac Banking have a branch located at Canberra Place offering banking services  including foreign currency exchange. Please note that there is no ATM on the island. Many shops and restaurants accept credit cards and electronic payments. Some may offer you to take out cash when purchasing items. However, it is recommended that you travel with some Australian cash.

International travellers are advised to bring cash as the the Post Office can not do cash out on foreign cards. In some circumstances the Westpac Bank can dispense cash to foreigners but this process is lengthy and involves a comprehensive identification procedure.

What internet and mobile telephone services are available on Christmas Island?

Internet is provided through a satellite system and may be variable during rainy periods. WIFI hotspots are available at various locations around the settled areas and your accommodation may offer WIFI.  No data (internet) is available through the mobile phone system (Telstra 2G).

Please note that only Telstra mobiles will work on Christmas Island. Telstra SIM cards are available at various shops including the Christmas Island Post Office. 

Is the water drinkable on the island?

Yes - the water is safe to drink. Water is pumped from several springs and underground streams. The water is treated and supplied in accordance with West Australian standards and is tested periodically. 

Are there any quarantine requirements?

Christmas Island is an island with some unique endemic species of wildlife. It is also free of many pests and diseases that are found in other parts of the world. If bringing food from mainland Australia, it must be packed according to regulations and a purchase receipt for the food must be carried with you.

What electrical voltage is used on the island?

The island electricity (consumer voltage 240V, 50 cycles) is generated by diesel plants in the power station located on the island. Australian plugs are in use – international visitors may need to bring an adapter.

What are the customs and passport requirements?

Non Australian travellers must travel to the island with a passport. The Australian Border Force protects the Australian border and manages the movement of people and goods across it. ABF House at Christmas Island undertakes the functions associated with the arrival and departure of commercial vessels, small craft, aircraft, crew, passengers, air and sea cargo. 

Are there any road closures applicable during the red crab migration? 

Road closures are common during the red crab migration. Roads may close at short notice – please check with the Christmas Island Visitor Centre for the latest conditions.


Cocos (Keeling) Islands

What internet and mobile telephone services are available on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands?

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands Community Resource Centre is co-located with the Visitor Centre, in the Administration building on West Island.  Facilities include internet access and WiFi vouchers.

By enabling WiFi calling on your mobile phone, you may make and receive calls. If you experience issues with WiFi calling: Go to your settings, mobile, turn WiFi calling off and then back on again (you may need to do this as you reconnect to different hotspots located around the Island). The CRC recommends disabling software updates or iCloud to reduce data use while you are on Cocos.

For a full list of services please visit their website below, or to pre-book your WiFi voucher by emailing the friendly CRC staff at

Are there any banking facilities?

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands Community Resource Centre has an ATM that accepts all credit cards.

What transport services are available on the island?

A regular ferry 'Cahaya Baru' links Home and West Islands from Monday to Saturday, with diversions to Direction Island on Thursday and Saturday. A local bus service runs from various bus stops around the West Island Settlement to and from the Rumah Baru ferry jetty, linking with the ferry schedule. Ferry and bus timetables can be found below or are available through the Visitor Centre and most accommodation.