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Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo

Sunset Whale Watching Tour

  • Available from: August 01 2024 - October 31 2024

From: $65 USD

Duration: 2 hours - Exmouth

Type: Groups, Private Charter, Shared.

Departs: Daily from Exmouth

Interests: Marine Mammals.

Witness majestic Humpback whales in their natural habitat as our experienced crew teaches you all about these fantastic creatures!

  • Relax and enjoy the ride on one of our big stable boats as we travel from Exmouth Marina to wherever the Humpback Whales are!  Watch Whales from our walk-around deck, with the back drop of the magnificent Cape Range at Sunset, whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of sparkling wine! 

  • Often mothers and their calves will delight us with a visit and if you’re lucky you will see more than one breach!

About Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo: 

As the region’s original eco-tourism operation, Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo is synonymous with experiencing the aquatic treasures of the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. Debbie & Mark Ferguson have been involved taking ecotours around Western Australia for over 20 years, managing the operations of a number of boats in various locations. The team is proud to specialise in small group tours for Whale Shark swims, Humpback Whale swims & watching, scuba diving and snorkelling and is active in numerous conservation projects including Whale Sharks, turtles and Manta Rays.

Price per person. Pricing is subject to availability and all prices, itineraries and routings are subject to change without notice. Currency fluctuations may affect prices as quotes based on AUD. Prices are current at time of posting (1/11/2023) and may differ when you book your travel.*


Tour day-by-day

  • Exmouth Sunset Whale Watching Cruise:

    Relax and enjoy the ride on one of our stable boats as we travel from Exmouth Marina to wherever the Humpback Whales are! Witness the whales in their natural habitat as our experienced crew teaches you all about these fantastic creatures. 

    A staggering 30,000 west coast Humpback Whales migrate through the region at this time of year before heading back to Antarctica before summer. A large majority of Humpbacks use the shallows of Ningaloo Reef to calve and the mothers protect their Neonates (newborns) with their pale colour and floppy dorsal fins in these waters away from predators, holding them up to the surface to breathe, for the first few days.

    Mothers will typically move their calves into the Gulf area at Exmouth over these months, to fatten them up for the lengthy journey south. In just three months, the calf will double its size from four to eight metres in length.

    Lindsay Sorensen - Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo“The Ningaloo Coast side is famous for its reef, but the Exmouth Gulf side of the peninsula is magical. The diversity of marine animals found here is astounding, and it’s a nursery for so many species of fish and marine invertebrates. The whales travel from Antarctica to the Kimberley where they have their babies, then they turn around and come back, so we often see mothers and calves in the gulf. Humpback Whales have massive pectoral fins and they’re the most acrobatic whale in the ocean, so seeing an adult perform a trick and then watching a baby try and copy is unforgettable.”

    Lindsay Sorensen - Scubu Diving & Snorkelling Guide

    The opportunity to view Humpback Whales tail slapping & frolicking, whilst sipping a glass of bubbles and watching the sunset over the magnificent Cape Range is one of the premier whale watching experiences anywhere in the world.


  • Tour details

    Group Size: Minimum of 6 guests, maximum of 29 guests
    Pick-up and Drop Off Point: Exmouth accommodations
    Pick-up and Drop-off Time: 4:15pm returning at approximately 6:15pm.
    Private Boat Charter: Available on Request at additional cost. Please enquire with your group size & interests.
    Languages: German, French, Spanish and Italian private touring is available on request.
    Frequently Asked Questions: See here.

    How you'll be making a positive impact

    We have aligned our sustainability vision with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    E-WEB-Goal-06Using Desalination where the Outback meets the Reef

    All of the vessels operated by Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo utilise desalination systems that convert seawater into freshwater. This is required for numerous functions, from drinking water and food preparation, to deck and exterior washdowns. It is estimated that around 300 litres of fresh water is saved per day utilising this technology, adding up to 60,000 litres per year.


    E-WEB-Goal-17Developing Partnerships To Meet Sustainability Goals

    Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo have developed a number of partnerships with key environmental organisations within the Exmouth region, Western Australia and Australia, including Mission Deep Blue, Longitude 181 Nature, Project Manta, Wildbook for Whale Sharks, Centre for Whale Research Western Australia, Australian Parks & Wildlife Marine Research, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions.

    Project Manta, Wildbook for Whale Sharks and the Centre for Whale Research Western Australia are all supported financially via experiences provided by Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo.

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