Snorkeling Tours in Australia

Snorkeling Australia is a truly amazing experience, with the country providing some of the best snorkel tours and locations worldwide. With dazzling, pristine clear blue waters; seemingly endless coral reefs; thousands of fish species; six species of marine turtle; tens of thousands of invertebrate species; countless micro-organisms; and more than half of the world’s ray and reef shark species, you can spend years snorkeling in Australia and only cover a portion of the marine experiences available. Best of all, you can experience many of these underwater wonders without a diving certificate, given many encounters are available at relatively shallow depths.

With world-renowned marine ecosystems across the eastern, western and southern coastlines, Australian waters are certainly a snorkeler’s dream. Ningaloo Marine Park, the planet’s largest fringing reef, provides the opportunity to snorkel with Humpback Whales and Whale Sharks and offers 50% of the coral species in the Indian Ocean. The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest living organism is also a diver’s paradise known for its staggering biodiversity.  Both these locations provide snorkeling and whale watching tours that are very easy to access. 

Snorkeling opportunities are not limited to the tropical reefs with many amazing experiences to be found across the southern temperate waters. There are opportunities to swim and snorkel with Australian Sea Lions, also known as ‘puppies of the sea’, off the Eyre Peninsula and swim with dolphins off Kangaroo Island. Sydney is an amazing Australian snorkeling site, offering more marine species than any other natural harbour in the world, with the opportunity to spot Blue Groper, Potbelly Seahorses, Weedy Sea Dragons, Cuttlefish, Wobbegongs and Gunthers & Dusky Butterflyfish off Sydney's attractive Northern beaches and protected bays.

Australian Wildlife Journeys offers some of the best snorkeling tours Australia, along with wildlife safaris and encounters. Our experienced guides are experts in providing snorkel lessons and interpreting the spectacular underwater wonders and marine life. Aside from the opportunity to experience beautiful snorkeling locations in Australia, our guides provide education on the threats that our marine environments face and the simple actions that we can all take to preserve them for future generations.

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