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Safari Tours in Australia

Without a doubt, Australia is one of the most exciting and unique wildlife safari destinations in the world. The continent boasts extremely diverse and breathtaking landscapes; from alpine ranges, wet and dry eucalypt forests, vast temperate grasslands to arid deserts. With these differing habitats comes the opportunity to see a rich volume of species, across the birdwatching, marsupial, land mammal, reptile, invertebrate and amphibian categories.

Australia's unpopulated vast spaces provide a distinct type of safari experience; one that you can truly immerse yourself in when exploring ecosystems safely by foot or vehicle. The key to any quality Australian safari tour and wildlife adventure is an expert guide that seamlessly connects you with the surroundings, evoking all of the senses. Whilst Australia is not home to the volume of mega fauna and predatory mammals in some other regions, the interrelationship between the topography, flora and fauna is just as fascinating, as are the stories of how this ancient land and the species that have called it home have evolved.

These multi-day Australian safari tours and packages provide the perfect opportunity to explore the different type of habitats and animals, whilst always delivering the element of surprise that makes wildlife safaris such a desired travel experience. Given the diversity of Australian ecosystems, we recommend linking these tours and regions together to create the ultimate wildlife safari holiday or vacation.

We invite you to marvel at the best Australia wildlife locations with tours that feature charming accommodations, outstanding local food and wine, warm hospitality and outstanding guiding.

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