Wildlife Photography Tours in Australia

With the rise of digital photography and preference towards observing wildlife in natural settings, wildlife photography tours and workshops are experiencing unprecedented levels of interest. Australia’s iconic landscapes, vibrant colours and diverse wildlife offerings, have contributed to the country being recognised as one of the great wildlife photography destinations across the globe.

Wildlife photography tours are provided by a sample of operators across the Australian Wildlife Journeys portfolio, covering terrestrial and marine species including bird photography, whale photography and mammal photography. Guides are experienced in crafting wildlife photography itineraries that provide ample opportunities to photograph breathtaking landscapes and Australian wildlife at the optimal time of day and season, blending into a broader touring experience and warm hospitality.

Our Australian wildlife photography tours cater to a broad range of travellers; whether you an expert photographer with a DSLR, through to a novice looking to capture a special snap of Australia’s unique animals to take home and savour using a compact point and shoot camera. Many of these tours are private charters and can also be tailored to individual needs, including requests to photograph certain species or creation of longer wildlife photography expeditions. These tours have limited numbers and a small guest to guide ratios, providing the best possible chance of capturing wildlife in all habitat types.

Wildlife photography workshops are also run with some of our wildlife tour operators on special departure dates. These tours link up with professional photographers, who provide tips, techniques and training to capture the best possible wildlife images using your existing camera equipment. Again, these workshops are catered for wildlife photographers of all levels and experience.

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