Diving Tours in Australia

With the global population of divers increasing significantly in recent years, it is little wonder that scuba diving locations in Australia are increasing in popularity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time diver, Australia's biodiverse waters are renowned for providing some of the most memorable diving adventures on the planet.

Australia’s west coast boasts the planet's largest fringing reef at Ningaloo Marine Park; an extremely popular Australian scuba diving location, situated off the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth. This location is home to Whale Sharks, Sea Snakes, Wobbegongs, Soft Corals, Batfish, Turtles, Manta Rays, Sea Fans, Moray Eels, White-tip Reef Sharks and abundant colourful reel fish. Exmouth Navy Pier, a world-renowned macro diving destination, is a haven for Nudibranchs, Frog Fish, Octopuses, Scorpionfish and Flat Worms. The Muiron Islands, another popular scuba diving location in Australia, is perfect for close encounters with Stingrays, Potato Cod, Sharks, Turtles, Anemones, Clownfish, thousands of fish, and much more.

Many holidays or vacations that incorporate diving in Australia include a visit to the incredible Great Barrier Reef; the world’s largest living organism. There are many islands along the the Great Barrier Reef, that are considered amongst the best diving sites in Australia. Tropical reef diving in Australia is recognised for its outstanding water clarity, ideal to admire the exceptional underwater landscapes, the healthy coral reefs, the abundance of sharks, Manta Rays and turtles, and a wide range of tropical fish – and explore a wonderful mix of bommies, soft & hard corals and breathtaking coral platforms. 

Australian Wildlife Journeys offers diving tours across Australia’s two most popular reef systems. Our friendly expert instructors and guides will allow you to experience the wonderful underwater attractions whilst educating you on the importance of preserving these precious ecosystems. Diving tours also provide the opportunity to participate in citizen science projects including Project Manta, Ecocean and Eye on the Reef, which assist scientists in tracking the health and sustainability of the reef.

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