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Electric Mountain Bike Adventures with Renae Blackshaw

Interest in cycling tourism has undergone a sharp increase in recent years, and touring companies like Australian Coastal Safaris are leading the way. "A day out on our electric mountain bikes is memorable and rewarding," says Renae Blackshaw who, together with Australian Coastal Safaris founder David Doudle, launched the e-bike tours in 2020.

"The experience of getting on a bike, exercising, exploring, seeing wildlife, and feeling like you've accomplished something at the end of the day is quite special." 

Electric Mountain Bikes 01
Guests riding Australian Coastal Safaris' e-bikes. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris.

Their surging bookings demonstrate that interest in active wildlife tourism is increasing, and Renae stresses that it's doable for most people. "From older kids to the elderly, our German-made electric mountain bikes work well both on paved roads and especially on rough terrain. They are designed to make pedalling easy," she says. "I recently had a guy in his eighties grab a bike." 

Booking bikes for self-guided tours is one of Australian Coastal Safaris' options, and in these cases, guests are provided with suggested trails and maps, but it's the e-bike tours that are the stand-out experiences. "We've recently put together a number of new e-bike adventures and, with our custom-built bike trailer, we can go further into national parks and along the coast" says Renae. "Some of that access is exclusive to just us, and we feel very privileged to be able to offer it."

Eyre Peninsula Region - Hero 02
Smudge craft stick. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris.

Although any direction leads to a natural wonderland, Renae particularly loves showing off Lincoln National Park. "It's a beautiful coastal park with great flora and fauna diversity," she says. "I get really excited when we see a Rosenberg's Goanna, and everyone loves seeing emus and kangaroos."

For those who want to enjoy a more in-depth experience, Renae recommends multi-day tours that encompass different activities for the ultimate taster. "We can tailor packages that incorporate wildlife (land and sea) and nature experiences, seafood and off-road adventures, meeting real locals and characters, and of course electric mountain biking. This mix-and-match approach allows guests to optimise their time with us and do exactly what they want to do," she says.

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