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The Wonder of Wellness with Sarah Hayes

Responsible nature-based tourism helps keep the environment clean, supports wild animals in their natural habitat, and involves local communities. For Sarah Hayes, it also provides a unique opportunity to educate visitors on the benefits of connecting with nature.

"We evolved in nature but, because modern-day living is technical, disconnected and materialistic, our nervous systems struggle," Sarah says. "Reconnecting with nature is taking us back to our roots. Simply put, this is when wildlife and wellness connect."

Lincoln National Park
Port Lincoln National Park. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris.

Sarah has spent many years working in wellness and ecotourism as well as contributing to science and research and, with her unique skillset and experience, she is able to help guests discover and nourish their connection with nature. "Most people realise that spending time in nature grows their sense of wellbeing, and there are plenty of scientific studies that support this, so in a way spending time outdoors is medicine for the body, mind and soul in so many ways," she says. 

Australian Coastal Safaris - Aboriginal Healing Stick
Smudge craft stick. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris.

As far as the outdoors go, Australia is home to some of the world's most stunning and diverse landscapes, along with distinctive wildlife and exceptional cultural experiences. "Our tours at Australian Coastal Safaris are immersive and, of course, I'm most passionate about the wellness tours," Sarah says. 

The Health & Wellness Weekender, which is offered by Australian Coastal Safaris a few times a year, is a one-of-a-kind experience where wellness takes front and centre stage. Over two days, guests take part in yoga, indulge in gourmet cuisine, and soak up the beautiful Port Lincoln surrounds.


"The whole tour is really special, but the two standout experiences that I'm most passionate about include practising yoga among Mallee trees with koalas all around us – an incredible experience - and the opportunity for guests to connect to local culture with local indigenous healer, Wyarta," Sarah says. "She talks about her work, teaches us how to make our own smudge sticks, and educates guests about the importance of nature, culture and self."

Related Experience - Health & Wellness Weekender

We do things a little differently here on the Eyre Peninsula - with an abundance of spectacular untouched natural landscapes, close connections to native Australian wildlife, opportunities to feast on the freshest seafood and local produce - all wrapped into a wellness, mindfulness, health and active adventure, you really need to look no further.

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