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Hike the Lamb Range with James Boettcher

With each step, the climb gets a little more challenging, but the reward of the sprawling views of Lake Morris and Dinden National Park below is worth every step. “As we hike up to the summit, we pass giant gum trees and beautiful savanna habitation, but there are no glimpses of the view."

"When we reach the top, it’s epic,” FNQ Nature Tours owner and guide, James Boettcher, says. “Seeing the look on our customers’ faces as they exit that last bit of forest canopy and step onto the granite summit top – it’s the best part of my day.”

Lamb Range HikeIncredible views throughout the climb. Image: FNQ Nature Tours

Reaching the summit is most likely the best part of the day for the hikers too, although the picnic lunch and swim at Davies Creek on the way back to the starting point probably come a pretty close second. “To be honest, every part of the day is really enjoyable,” James says. “We tailor the day to our guests’ interests, so there are smiles all round.”

Lamb Range Hike - summitThe Lamb Range summit. Image: FNQ Nature Tours

FNQ Nature Tours is the only operator offering guided hikes out of Cairns, and Lamb Range was the ideal choice for James and his team for a number of reasons. “We wanted to offer something that was not too easy but not overly hard, and to ideally find a trail that was infrequently used by others,” he says. “And we wanted there to be plenty for our guests to see... of which there is here.”

James claims that the hike could easily take twice as long if he stopped to show the group all the sights, so instead he gets to know the guests and tailors the highlights to their interests.

Frill-necked Lizard - Lamb Range HikeFrill-neck Lizard. Image: FNQ Nature Tours

“Sometimes we see Frill-neck Lizards and wallabies around the base of the mountain; the beautiful purple Kauri Pines with their flaky bark are interesting to point out – and if you touch the tree trunk, it will always feel cold; there’s rock art, too, if guests want to take a detour to see that,” James says.

Cairns Hiking Experience

Beautiful Lamb Range is an hour drive West of Cairns and towers high above the Dinden National Park surrounds. The track consists of open woodland, giant gum trees, savanna habitat and beautiful iconic Xanthorrhoea grass trees. As we gain height we’ll notice abrupt granite boulders coursing the summit area, providing spectacular scenery.

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