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Private solar-powered wildlife cruise with David White

There’s something magical about cruising along the Daintree River listening only to the sounds of only nature. “In 2002, after working on larger petrol driving boats, I started a business that allows people to get close to nature without the sounds of an engine and the smell of fumes,” explains David White. “I feel that a boat with no exhaust or fumes – and one that produces no wake or erosion – is something that people now appreciate… not to mention the inhabitants of the river. I now operate two boats – a 10-seater and a 24-seater – and both vessels are very efficient and mostly run on solar power,” he says. 

Although David does charge the boats up using power each evening, he explains that there’s no impact on the river. The solar panels on the boat roofs provide a big chunk of the energy he uses, and he considers his business to be almost zero emission while on the river.  

Daintree Afternoon 01David's solar-powered vessels emit no exhaust or fumes, and produces no wake or erosion. Image: FNQ Nature Tours

For FNQ Nature Tours guests cruising with David, the silence and serenity is not the only plus. “When FNQ Nature Tours guests come on board it’s only them, and we can cruise any time they want – sunrise, sunset, or even in the late evening,” David says. “It’s their expedition and tailored to their personal interests, although of course we have highlights I like to point out.”

Crocodile spotting is one such highlight, and although the crocs are harder to find in summer, David says that they are always there… and his silent method of transportation does make it easier to spot them. 

Daintree Experience 02David's silent method of transportation makes it easier to spot Saltwater Crocodiles at any time of year. Image: FNQ Nature Tours

He stresses, too, that there’s a whole spectrum of wildlife to be seen. “We look for crocodiles, sure, but we also keep our eyes open for tree snakes, pythons, birds and flying foxes,” he says. “A highlight is watching the fruit bats. On a hot day, they come and skim the water before heading out. Seeing thousands of flying mammals all around us is an amazing sight.” 

Australian Tree SnakeTree snakes are among an extraordinary diveristy of wildlife found along the Daintree River. Image: FNQ Nature Tours

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