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Exploring the Lower Eyre Peninsula on e-mountain bikes with David Doudle

Bicycle tourism is fast gaining popularity, as being in the saddle is a great way to see the sights. For David Doudle, founder of Australian Coastal Safaris, launching electronic mountain bicycle tours in December 2020 was a logical next step for the business. 

“It’s an affordable option for the domestic market,” David says. “And it is a great way to explore the sights, whether that be at your own pace or with one of our knowledgeable guides.”

Electric Mountain Bikes 01A guided electric bike tour is the best way to explore Port Lincoln and surrounds. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris

Guests can book a variety of options to suit their needs, spanning everything from self-hiring the e-mountain bikes for personal use, to booking one of the Lincoln National Park tours or heading further up the west coast to explore various private properties. “It’s a great add-on to the already available portfolio of activities we have here,” David explains. “There are people who may not want to go boating, shark cage diving or swimming with sea lions, and one of our e-mountain bike tours could suit their needs. Or perhaps they’ve already toured extensively and just want to rent a bike and explore on their own.”

Electric Mountain Bikes 04
Snapper Rocks. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris

Being a passionate biker himself, David ensured that the bikes being made available to the public were of a high quality. “Our bikes are German-manufactured Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 Electric Mountain Bikes, and they’re multi-use and designed to work well both on paved roads and on rough terrain,” David explains. “The idea is that guests can rent them to get around when visiting the various wineries and eateries we have here, or they can use them for serious exploring off-road on our tours.” 

Electric Mountain Bikes 03The electric bikes are designed for both paved roads and rough terrain. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris

The e-mountain bike tours Australian Coastal Safaris offer are varied, with highlights including cycling along the stunning coastline and beaches, soaking up the diverse landscape, and spotting wildlife at almost every turn. “We see kangaroos, emus, goannas, and many species of birds including the rare White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Bush Stone-curlew,” David says. 

Eyre Peninsula Landscape 03Emus are common encounters. Image: Australian Coastal Safaris

He goes on to explain that biking is not only a sustainable way of getting around, it also offers ample opportunity to immerse oneself in nature, fresh air and movement. “My favourite part of the day is seeing the satisfaction on people’s faces after having a ride on these bikes for the first time,” David says.

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