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The Maria Island Walk: Our Story

Maria Island National Park lies just a few kilometres off Tasmania’s east coast, easily accessible from Hobart.

It’s spectacular landscapes, combined with a rich concentration of wildlife, has contributed to its nickname as ’Tasmania’s Noah’s Ark’.

It wasn’t until Ian and Bronwyn Johnstone developed their dream to start The Maria Island Walk in 2002, that the island was showcased to a new band of travellers that valued natural wildlife encounters in remote and tranquil settings, combined with world-class hospitality.

The Maria Island Walk is a soft adventure experience, where backpacks are light, the food is gourmet, the wine is Tasmania’s best, and each night there is a comfortable bed waiting for you. The walk has received widespread acclaim for its environmentally friendly practices, contribution to conservation projects, and leadership in the eco-tourism and walking sectors. It is little wonder why The Maria Island Walk has been awarded a string of national and state awards, being one of the most desired guided walking and wildlife experiences in Australia. 

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