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Video: Is this Australia's Cutest Animal?

The Common Wombat is one of Australia's wildlife icons - but how much do you know about them?



Common Wombats are large, 'barrel-shaped' marsupials, weighing 20-30kg (44-66lb) when fully grown.

They are found across south-eastern Australia in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

Females have backward-facing pouches that protect their young from flying dirty during burrowing.

Common Wombats are herbivores, so their diet is generally made up of native grasses.

Although they're nocturnal, due to the cooler climate of Tasmania, they are often seen venturing out during the day.

Maria Island, located off Tasmania's east coast, is one of the best places to see them up close on the 4-day Maria Island Walk.

Wander with Wombats along The Maria Island Walk