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Video: Whale Watching in Western Australia is back!

It's official! Naturaliste Charters are back out on the water and they're seeing plenty of Humpback Whales!

The start of the whale watching season in Margaret River has begun, with local operator Naturaliste Charters already operating tours out of Augusta in south-eastern Western Australia.

Check out recent footage here: 


Hear directly from Naturaliste Charters Marine Biologist, Pia Markovic

We had a unique experience on our afternoon tour sighting whale skin!! Just like humans, whales shed dead skin cells and this can sometimes come off in sheets! The largest piece today was approximately A5 size with small specs filling the water around it. It is good for the whales to shed skin as it removes bacteria and other nasties and encourages healthy skin growth.

The 10 or so humpbacks took turns breaching, more often than not, two at the same time! This led on to an epic breaching finale as an almost entirely black pigmented body, breached over and over. This juvenile had found a new trick and was clearly showing off.

To hear more from Pia, check out our Q&A with her earlier this year.