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Our Favourite Member Photographs: November 2019

Life on the Reef - Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo

Ningaloo Reef - blog
Image credit: Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo (via Facebook: @exmouthdiveandwhalesharksningaloo)

The Ningaloo Reef provides magical marine encounters throughout the year!

Recommended tour: Deluxe Whaleshark Swim (full day) - available from March 4 until August 31, 2020. 

Figbird with Young - FNQ Nature Tours

Male Figbird - blog
Image credit: FNQ Nature Tours (via Facebook: @fnqnaturetours)

Some lucky guests travelling with FNQ Nature Tours in the Cairns region were able to witness a male Figbird feeding his three hatchlings.

Recommended tour: Daintree & Cape Tribulation Ultimate Nature (2D/1N)

Koala with Joey - Exceptional Kangaroo Island

Koala EKI - blog
Image credit: Exceptional Kangaroo Island (via Facebook: @exceptionalkangarooisland)

Kangaroo Island is full of amazing animals and now is a great time to spot young Koala Joeys! 

Recommended tour: Kangaroo Island In Style (2D/1N)

Humpback Whale - Naturaliste Charters

Humpback Whale - November blog
Image credit: Naturaliste Charters (via Facebook: @naturalistecharterswhalewatching)

You can be sure you're experiencing something magical when the crew are fist-pumping!

Recommended tour: Dunsborough Whale Watching - available until December 8, 2019.

Powerful Owl - Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours

Powerful Owl - November blog
Image credit: Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours (via Instagram: @echidnawalkabout_)

A great capture of the Powerful Owl in the East Gippsland region!

Recommended tour: East Gippsland Wildlife Journey (4D/3N)

Koala and Joey - Australian Coastal Safaris 

Koala and joey - November blog
Image credit: Australian Coastal Safaris (via Facebook: @auscoastsafaris)

Another great Koala encounter, this time on the Eyre Peninsula!

Featured tour: Port Lincoln Wildlife Encounters (2D/2N)

Boomer Bay - The Maria Island Walk

Boomer Bay - November blog
Image credit: The Maria Island Walk (via Facebook: @mariaislandwalk)

Boomer Bay is one of the many beaches you will walk along as part of your The Maria Island Walk!

Recommended tour: The Maria Island Walk - available until April 30, 2020.

Tasmanian Landscapes - Premier Travel Tasmania

Tasmanian Landscapes - November blog
Image credit: Premier Travel Tasmania (via Facebook: @premiertraveltasmania)

This stunning coastline is part of Tasmania's Tasman Peninsula, 90 minutes south of Hobart.

Recommended tour: 4 Day Private Tour Tasmania Wildlife Encounter (4D/3N)