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Winter Whale Watching Season Launches on the Eyre Peninsula

In the southern regions of Australia, winter is now upon us, meaning that it's the special time of year that several whale species grace our shores. One of our favourite species to see is the majestic Southern Right Whale, as they complete their annual migration from Antarctica, towards the stunning coastline of the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.


Watch the video - Winter Whales in the Bight


This annual mammal migration occurs each May, as the Southern Right's leave their traditional feeding grounds to the semi-protected environments and warmer waters along the Great Australian Bight to give birth, breed, nurse their young & socialise. One of the very best places to see and immerse yourself with these incredible Eubalaena Australis baleen whales is along the Far West coast of South Australia.

Australian Coastal Safaris has an outstanding tour to include close up, guaranteed viewings of this stunning, world-class wildlife relocation.

Fowlers Bay, where Southern Right Whales migrate to breed, calve and socialise.

The boating cruise allows you to experience the sheer size & fascination of the Southern Rights.

Australian Coastal Safaris provides personalised wildlife experiences and this winter whale watching and wildlife encounter is no exception with many highlights throughout this exceptional 5 day tour including:

  • A two-hour boating cruise in the historic coastal hamlet of and exquisite Fowlers Bay, where you will see up to ten times more whales than the local town's population, just in the bay! Humpback Whales are also in residence along with pods of Common & Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Sea-lions, Long-nosed Fur Seals, Little Penguins, Osprey, White-bellied Sea Eagles, rare species of Albatross and many other ocean birds;
  • Listening to realtime underwater acoustics of the Humpback Whales;
  • Visiting the spectacular Bunda Cliffs along the iconic Nullarbor Plain;
  • Viewings of over 100 whales & calves, often just 50m away from the Head of the Bight viewing platform & Interpretation Centre;
  • Opporutnities to see Dingoes & abundant Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats, the largest burrowing marsupial;
  • Visiting the Premier Aboriginal Art Centre on the Eyre Peninsula where you will meet local artists see their artwork, in their beautiful art gallery.

Counting the Southern Right whales from the Head of the Bight Viewing Platform

Australian Sealions basking on rocks edge

Entering the Nullarbor Plain, one of Australia's iconic road trip. 

Seafood, wine, wildlife & much more in Port Lincoln

This tour also takes you along the most spectacular coastal scenery in South Australia ranging from ancient cliffs to stunning, long footprint-free beaches bordered by massive sand dunes from Ceduna to the Seafood Capital of Australia, Port Lincoln. We'll be visiting the major attractions and highlights along this 450km journey to include Streaky Bay, Murphy's Haystacks, one of Australia's largest Australian Sea-lion population at Point Labatt, Talia Caves, Cummings Monument and incredible landscapes through prime agricultural country, to we reach our destination in Port Lincoln.

If you love seafood, beautiful wines surrounded by more native wildlife around that warm winter fire, then this is the perfect way to finish up a remarkable tour, in an uncharted part of Australia. Other features included on your stay in this fishing mecca are:

  • The diversity of the Port Lincoln National Park from the naturally rugged and wild Sleaford Bay and the Southern Ocean to the tranquillity of the Spalding Cove area and other beautiful beaches
  • 4WDriving amongst the massive sand dune systems
  • Coastal trekking and exceptional photography opportunities
  • Birdwatching with over 160 native species
  • Visiting one of Australia's very best natural habitats to view over 50 different koalas in the wild, plus kangaroos, emus and birdlife in just a sensational, private property

With the very best viewings of the Southern Right Whales seen between June to September, all accommodation, inclusions details and scheduled can be here. If these dates don't suit you, please contact us to request a date that suits you and we can work in with your travel plans. Tours will be conducted in one of our very comfortable Toyota Landcruiser VX 4WD with a maximum of 6 passengers making this a very personalised and authentically designed tour. Private tours are also available on request.

Join us at Australian Coastal Safaris, for a genuine Southern Right Whale and wildlife bucket list experience this winter!

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The amazing view of the Southern Ocean from the Bunda Cliffs


Client Testimonial

"What a wonderful and memorable week we had with you.That sense of quiet, calm security that pervaded the Top of the Bight with The Southern Right Whales and the calves appearing so at home.  My pride in my Country achieving as much as it can in protecting such amazing whales. The Bunda Cliffs stretching forever into the distance, highlighted of course by wine at sunset with your memorable pickings. All these experiences were highlighted by your enthusiasm, knowledge and hospitality (oh the lunches especially the prawn). Sunset at Ceduna and so moved to meet such a talented young man as Ashley Pompey at the Arts Centre in Ceduna. The truckies at the Nullarbor Roadhouse had to be seen to be believed. And then the Food !! Face to face with koalas in the wild when I thought I had “done” koalas.
Your personal inside knowledge of the people and industry of the area provided us with a special, not to be beaten adventure. Thank you.

Michele, Sydney, NSW - 5D Whale Watching & EP Wildlife Tour, August 2018