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Our Favourite Member Photographs: May 2019

Buffalo - Lords Safaris

Lords - Blog Post May
Image credit: Lords Safaris (via Facebook: @lordssafarisnt)

Lords Safaris encountered some Buffalo out on the Mary River floodplain, north of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. These tours are conducted using airboats, which offer great access to a diverse range of wildlife including Saltwater Crocodiles, Magpie Geese, Comb-crested Jacanas and more.

Recommended tour: Top End Luxury Lodges (5D/4N) - available until October 31.

Juvenile Emus - Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours

Echidna Walkabout - Blog Post May
Image credit: Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours (via Instagram: @echidnawalkabout_)

Recent heavy rainfalls across southern Australia have provided much-needed water for native wildlife.  Juvenile Emus were found by guests of Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours, enjoying the reinvigorated water systems in the Mungo National Park.

Recommended tour: Mungo Outback Journey (4D/3N)

Stormy Uluru - SEIT Outback Australia

SEIT - Blog Post MayImage credit: Gary Stevens (via Instagram: @garystevensyn1)

An amazing combination of colours at Uluru! A SEIT Outback Australia guide recently captured this storm approaching the famous Australian landmark!

Recommended tour: SEIT All (Uluru and Kata Tjuta) (5 hours)

Australian Fur Seal Pups - Wildlife Coast Cruises

Wildlife Coast Cruises - April Blog MayImage credit: Wildlife Coast Cruises (via Instagram: @wildlifecoastcruises)

While Mum is out fishing, young Australian Fur Seal pups often spend their days play-fighting in the water or on the rocks around Phillip Island. Wildlife Coast Cruises operate daily cruises, taking guests up close to view these adorable animals.

Recommended tour: Seal Watching Cruise (2 hours)

Flinders Ranges - Arkaba Conservancy 

Arkaba - Blog Post May
Image credit: Luke Tscharke (via Instagram: @tscharke)

With the Australian winter just around the corner, the Flinders Ranges are looking absolutely beautiful after the recent rains. The Arkaba Conservancy offers a range of tours which showcase the beautiful landscapes as well as a range of native flora and fauna.

Recommended tour: Three Day Safari

Lunch on the Beach - Australian Coastal Safaris 

Image credit: Australian Coastal Safaris (via Instagram: @auscoastsafaris)

Beautiful clear blue waters and white sands create a stunning setting for lunch on the beach with Australian Coastal Safaris on the Eyre Peninsula!

Recommended tour: Eyre Peninsula Wildlife and Ocean Encounters (3D/3N)

Whale Shark Feeding - Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo

Exmouth - Blog Post MayImage credit: Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo (via Facebook: @exmouthdivingcentre)

The hero of the Ningaloo Reef is undoubtedly the Whale Shark! The Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo team captured this stunning shot of a Whale Shark feeding on krill and plankton - they are filter feeders, so the juvenile Golden Trevallies are just 'hitching a ride' with the much larger creature.

Recommended tour: Deluxe Whaleshark Swim (full day) Outer Reef or Islands Snorkel (full day)


8 - FNQ Nature Tours

FNQ Nature Tours - Blog Post MayImage credit: FNQ Nature Tours (via Instagram: @fnq_naturetours)

The Black-shouldered Kite is a small raptor which is widely distributed around Australia, however the Atherton Tablelands outside of Cairns provide some fantastic viewing opportunities. FNQ Nature Tours guide James says this species one of his favourites!  

Recommended tour: Three Day Birding Tour

Australian Sea Lion Pup - Exceptional Kangaroo Island

Exceptional Kangaroo Island - Blog Post MayImage credit: Exceptional Kangaroo Island (via Instagram: @exceptionalkangarooisland)

Smile! This Australian Sea-lion pup was really enjoying the camera! Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island is home to the third largest Australian Sea Lion colony. Exceptional Kangaroo Island's experienced tour guides are accredited to take their guests onto the beach for an amazing experience. 

Recommended tour: Kangaroo Island In Style (2D/1N)

Killer Whale Breaching - Naturaliste Charters

Naturaliste Charters - Blog Post May
Image credit: Naturaliste Charters (via Facebook: @bremercanyonkillerwhaleexpeditions)

The  Killer Whale season was spectacular, with regular sightings and plenty of activity in the water! Naturaliste Charters captured this fantastic shot of a Killer Whale jumping out of the waters of Bremer Bay

Recommended tour: Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition (available from January 02 until April 26, 2020)