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Mother's Day in Australia

In celebration of Mother's Day, we take a look at some of Australia's most loving and caring mothers!

The Koala is perhaps Australia's most lovable creature. Koala mothers deserve all the accolades, given their duties include hauling their young up and down trees - and not to mention keeping them from falling!

Echidna Sunset - 03

Wombat mothers are also very thoughtful - they decided to make their pouch open from the back so that their diggings wouldn't get in. How considerate!

Maria Winter - Hero 02

Australian Sea-lion mothers are tireless workers. After giving birth (following a gestation period of 18 months!), they mate once again before heading out to sea for three days at a time hunting for food for themselves and their newborn pup.

EKI - Hero 02

Only found on Tasmania and the surrounding islands, the Forester Kangaroo is a beautiful marsupial - just look how cute that joey is!

Tasmania - Hero 01

During winter (June - August), Humpback Whales give birth in the sub-tropical waters of Australia. Then, along with their newborn calves, they will make the journey south.

Humpback Swim - Hero 08

The Green Ringtail Possum gives birth to between 1-4 young, who attach themselves to the teats in the mother's pouch. They remain here for the next four months before leaving the pouch. They will often stay with their mother until the next litter comes through the following year.

Daintree & Cape Tribulation 02

Willie Wagtail parents will also remain with their young until the next season's eggs hatch. They are known to be very aggressive in protecting their young, as most mothers are!

Great Ocean Road - Hero 02