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Our Favourite Member Photographs: February 2019

Take a look at some of our favourite posts from our members in February 2019:

Orca - Naturaliste Charters

Image credit: Michael Haluwana (via Instagram: @aeroture_aus)

Naturaliste Charters get you face-to-face (literally!) with Orcas in the Bremer Canyon region of Western Australia! The season operates from January through to April, so if you're planning a trip Down Under and want to experience this, make sure you visit Western Australia during that time.

Recommended tour: Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition

South Australian Night Sky - Arkaba

Arkaba Night Sky
Image credit: Luke Tscharke (via Instagram: @tscharke)

It is not always the wildlife that brings guests to Arkaba in South Australia's Flinders Ranges! The
beautiful night sky makes the experience even better.

Recommended tour: The Arkaba Walk

Perentie - SEIT Outback Australia

Image credit: Gareth Aver (via Instagram: @garethaver)

Growing up to lengths of 2.5m (over 8ft!), the Perentie is Australia's largest native monitor lizard and the world's fourth largest. They are found across Australia's outback, including around the Uluru-Kata Tjuta & Red Centre region. Guests onboard a SEIT Outback Australia tour captured this photo - look at that tongue!

Recommended tour: SEIT Red Centre Iconics

Australian Sea-lion - Australian Coastal Safaris

Australian Sea-lion jumping
Image credit: Australian Coastal Safaris (via Instagram: @goinoffsafaris)

Australian Coastal Safaris captured this amazing photograph of an Australian Sea-lion having some fun in the waters around the Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia! This Sea-lion was clearly a little more energic than those having a snooze on the beach. 

Recommended tour: Port Lincoln Wildlife Encounters

Australian Fur-seals - Wildlife Coast Cruises

Image credit: Wildlife Coast Cruises (via Instagram: @wildlifecoastcruises)

Where better to spot a herd of Australian Fur-seals than at Seal Rocks, Phillip Island. Jump onboard a cruise with Wildlife Coast Cruises to get the best view of these fascinating creatures.

Recommended tour: Seal Watching Cruise

Kangaroo Island Kangaroo - Exceptional Kangaroo Island

KI Kangaroo at Sunset
Image credit: Exceptional Kangaroo Island (via Instagram: @exceptionalkangarooisland)

Sometimes a silhouette is all you need! Exceptional Kangaroo Island found an opportune moment to capture this one at sunset on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Recommended tour: Kangaroo Island In Style

Emu - Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours

Image credit: Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours (via Facebook: @echidnawalkabout)

Emus are found across Australia but are often sighted by tour groups with Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours in Victoria. Did you know they can reach speeds of 50kph (31mph)? Better get those photos quickly!

Recommended tour: Great Ocean Road

Boyd's Forest Dragon - FNQ Nature Tours

Boyd's Forest Dragon - Feb post
Image credit: FNQ Nature Tours (via Instagram: @fnq_naturetours)

The Boyd's Forest Dragon is found in the tropics of Far North Queensland. These reptiles really are masters of disguise - James from FNQ Nature Tours says "if you're walking through the rainforest not paying too much attention, you'll walk straight past them." Their ability to remain motionless is amazing!

Recommended tour: Daintree Exclusive

White-bellied Sea-Eagle - The Maria Island Walk

Image credit: The Maria Island Walk (via Instagram: @mariaislandwalk)

In addition to the amazing coastal views around Maria Island, there is plenty of spectacular birdlife to see! Guests taking part in The Maria Island Walk are often treated to sightings of the White-bellied Sea-Eagle, sometimes even managing to get a photo!

Recommended tour: The Maria Island Walk