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Lords Safaris Featured in UK Telegraph

Adventure in the Northern Territory – and a fresh perspective on Australia

Lydia Bell from the Telegraph UK recently spent some time in the Australia's spectacular 'Top End' with Sab Lord & Dean Hoath from Lords Kakadu & Arnhemland Safaris including a visit to Bamurru Plains. She captures this region so eloquently, sure to inspire anyone who hasn't travelled to this remarkable region.


This Australian Outback is far from the barren red earth and dust of the popular imagination: it exudes a verdant wetness that seems to breathe the essence of life, even though this is the end of the dry season. By the time “the wet” arrives in November, the landscape will be laced with lightning and thunder, spectacular afternoon son et lumières rolling across cobalt skies. Then crocodiles will scatter, making this mysterious domain even more dangerous. Creeks and billabongs will swallow everything. 

This is a land of myriad birds – storks competing with jabirus, herons with geese. And it changes with the light. At sunset, everything glows: trees, termite mounds, grass, roads; even the dingoes take on a cerise hue. We plunge down to land on a milky white beach on the river.

Lydia Bell - UK Telegraph, 25 July 2018

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