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Sensational Seal and Dolphin Photos this Winter

Winter is a fantastic time to spot marine mammals across Australia including dolphins and seals. Two of the most common species of dolphin found around Australia are the Bottlenose and Short-beaked Common Dolphin. Did you know that dolphins fall into the toothed whale category and can live well into their forties?! 

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past couple of months.

Wildlife Coast Cruises

Location: Phillip Island, Victoria, (90 minutes from Melbourne by car)
Tour to bookWinter Whale Cruise, Seal Watching Cruise, Dolphin & Whale Cruise
Species featured below: Short-beaked Common Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals

The population size of the Short-beaked Common Dolphin increases during the winter months as more food seems to be available closer to shore. Large pods of up to 40-50 dolphins forage for fish and squid within 500m of Phillip Island’s southern and eastern coastlines, whilst Bottlenose Dolphins regularly approach the boats out of curiosity. 

Photo Credits: Renee de Bondt

Dolphin and Seal Album 01

 Dolphin and Seal Album 02

Dolphin and Seal Album 04

Dolphin and Seal Album 05


Oz Whale Watching

Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Tour to book:  Lux Whale Watching
Species featured below: Bottlenose Dolphins

These images were taken aboard the MV Ocean Blue in Sydney Harbour on the way out to see the migration of Humpback Whales!

Photo Credits: Biggles Csolander

 Dolphin and Seal Album 06

Dolphin and Seal Album 07


Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo

Location: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
Tour to bookWhaleshark Swim, Muiron Islands Snorkel or Dive
Species featured below: Bottlenose and Spinner Dolphins

 This Bottlenose Dolphin below with its permanent grin, was spy hopping next to the boat. Using its pectoral fins rather than its fluke to stay upright, the dolphin mimics a human treading water with their hands. Perhaps the dolphin just wanted to have a looksee at us as much as we wanted to look at him!

Photo Credits: Sara Barbieri

 Dolphin and Seal Album 08

Dolphin and Seal Album 09 

Dolphin and Seal Album 10 

Dolphin and Seal Album 11