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Sunsets & Koalas - New Tour Launches

In the southern part of Australia, the summer time signals an extended period of hot try weather. Whilst the coastal areas are a little more moderate, the temperature can reach over 40 degree celcius (or 104 degree fahrenheit). To conserve energy and reduce bodily temperatures, most Australian marsupials will rest and sleep between 11am and 4pm. 

For Koalas, gaining sufficient rest in the daytime is especially important, as Summer is the breeding season. Between November and March, male Koalas wake up in the afternoon, ready to commence their quest for an obliging female. Many travellers are surprised at the unique sound that male Koalas make, characterised by deep rumbles and snowls that echo significant distances. As the temperature drops with nightfall, these deep bellows become frequent across the forest. 

Female Koalas become excited at the sound of these competing males and become sexually receptive resulting in their body shaking. In searching for the strongest father for their babies, female Koalas listen to the depth of these calls, which indicates strength. The female will then wait in a tree for the male to find her. When he does, he stays lower than the female before gradually approaching. In the video below, you can observe Mara smacking her lips, but females will often resist initially, leading to biting, scratching and yelling!


All this Koala singing and travelling happens when humans are leaving The Bush to have dinner, but Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours is excited to announce that this has changed!

Echidna Walkabout’s new Sunset Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD evening tour is timed to co-incide with maximum wildlife activity. It leaves Melbourne city at 2.15pm, and doesn’t return until 9.30pm. Tour participants will likely see Koalas moving around, possibly even mating. Koalas don’t sleep all the time. Come out at sunset and we’ll show you!