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May 2017

  • Gliding with Gentle Giants

    Posted by Amy Gash

    Lady Elliot Island is known as ‘Home of the Manta Ray' and is a major hotspot for Manta Rays in Eastern Australia. Manta Rays can be found all year round on Lady Elliot Island, with numbers peaking during the winter season (mid May to mid – August). On Lady Elliot,...

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  • Sydney's Humpback Highway Open

    Posted by Colin Thwaites

    Whale watching season with Oz Whale Watching has kicked off in Sydney with the northern migration well under way. There has been sightings everyday since we started our season on 18th May with a varying array of activity from the Humpback Whales. Double breaches and tail throws have been seen...

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  • First Whales of the Season Spotted off Phillip Island

    Posted by Mikala Peters

    Exciting news from Phillip Island this week, with the first whales of the migration season spotted along the Bass Coast. These sightings are eagerly anticipated, beginning of the annual whale migration along the Victoria's beautiful coastline. There have been three species spotted already, including Humpback Whales and Orcas off The...

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  • Swimming That Makes Your Soul Sparkle

    Posted by Kelsi Samson

    Ningaloo Reef is an incredibly diverse fringing reef system on Western Australia coast line. After a romantic full moon in March or April, the corals feeling the love on Ningaloo, release their eggs and sperm into the water column to carry out reproductive behaviour known as coral spawning. This coral-love-making...

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