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The Things We Do For Love

With Valentine's Day only a couple of weeks away, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the amazing feats of love for the animals that reside across the Arkaba Wildlife Conservancy:

  • Juvenile Red Kangaroos have been documented travelling over 200km in a summer in search of mates (and food and water).
  • Wedge-tailed eagles mate for life and build huge nests which they return to year after year. They only regularly call when courting and perform extravagant courtship flight displays.
  • Certain female spider species eat their partners after mating! 
  • Antechinus males go on a sex frenzy for 2-3 weeks at an almost unsurpassed bout of speed mating, that ends with their ultimate demise!
  • Emus are several steps ahead in the sexual equality game with the females dominating during pair formation but with the males taking the lead role in incubating the eggs.
  • Shingleback Skinks apparently mate for life and have been said to mourn and grieve over their lost loved ones
  • Male Tree Pythons do not need to fight to win a female - first in best dressed! 
  • Male Superb Fairy-wrens are highly protective over their territories and females, but females are noted as being one of the most promiscuous bird species mating with several males and rearing mixed genetic chicks (maybe not a good one for Valentine's Day but interesting none the less!).

If you're in a bind on where to take your love bird this Valentine's Day, why not enjoy some outback indulgence at Arkaba in the majestic Flinders Ranges? We'll throw in a private ridge-top safari drive with canapes atop your very own mountain!