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Bushfire Recovery Wildlife Journey

  • Available from: July 01 2020 - August 31 2020

From: $180 USD

Duration: 1 - 3 days per region

Type: Groups, Shared.

Departs: See Dates Below

Are you an International traveller that would like to assist with land rehabilitation activities to refuge bushfire affected wildlife and critical remaining populations of native species?

Members of Australian Wildlife Journeys have created a series of coordinated 'conservation action days' across multiple regions of Australia from July onwards. These itineraries will be designed to allow travellers to enjoy Australia's remarkable wildlife encounters, combined with conservation projects that are timed correctly, to create meaningful impact on local ecosystems.

Group conservation activities will take place in the following regions and could include tree planting, weed eradication, citizen science and wildlife observation/counts for species such as Koalas, Glossy-black Cockatoos and other species impacted from the bushfires.

  • Kangaroo Island, South Australia
  • You Yangs, Victoria
  • Southern Highlands, New South Wales (TBC)

These conservation action days are spaced in a manner that will allow travellers to enjoy wildlife encounters or other sightseeing opportunities around these designated days.

*Please note: There will be fees to participate to cover the program costs and contribute to foundations directly linked to these activities. Due to the recent occurance of the fires, some pricing details are still to be confirmed, but this will available by early February.

If this is of interest, please fill out your contact details in the form by clicking the button below and we will connect with you in due course with all relevant information to allow you to book an unforgettable trip, whilst contributing to a better future for Australia's native wildlife.


Tour day-by-day

  • Koala Recovery Experience

    Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours

    Make a home for wild Koalas by planting and nurturing new trees for one, two or three days with the Koala Clancy Foundation!

    Koala tree planting will take place in the rivers and creeks around the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges to establish much-needed Koala habitat on some beautiful Western Plains farms. There is no digging, just planting trees in prepared holes and arranging stakes and guards. 

    Across these days, the groups will plant hundreds of trees or remove around thousands of weeds to create Koala habitat. Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours is the major supporter and donor of not for profit Koala Clancy Foundation. Please note that this tour is not for profit, with 100% of proceeds being donated to Koala conservation. 

    Be sure to combine your tree-planting day(s) with one of the following tours to support regional communities across Victoria! Great Ocean Road (3 days), Mungo Outback Journey (4 days) or Koalas & Kangaroos in the Wild (1 day).

    Available Dates

    (please register interest via the form above)

    9 - 11 July, 2020 - Spaces Available

    23 - 25 July, 2020 - Spaces Available

    6 - 8 August, 2020 - Spaces Available

    20 - 22 August, 2020 - Spaces Available


    Pricing (AUD)

    $260 pp for one day
    $1,080 pp for two days  (incl. 1 night accom)
    $1,620 pp for three days (incl. 2 nights accom)

  • Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife

    Exceptional Kangaroo Island

    Help regenerate Kangaroo Island's habitat for the endangered Kangaroo Island Dunnart and Glossy Black-Cockatoo!

    In partnership with Land for Wildlife Kangaroo Island, these conservation action days will remove key threats to plants and animals across private landholdings, giving threatened species populations an opportunity to recover from the bushfires and increase in population.

    Kangaroo Island supports over 200 native fauna species and over 900 species of plants, seventeen of which are nationally threatened. Activities across these days are likely to include biodiversity surveys, weed control, checking survey equipment (cameras, fencing materials) and tree planting. Stay longer and experience the amazing diversity on Kangaroo Island and see more of the wildlife that these actions will help via the East End Explorer or Island Life day tours.

    Available Dates

    (please register interest via the form above)

    14 July, 2020 - Spaces Available

    28 July, 2020 - Spaces Available

    11 August, 2020 - Spaces Available

    25 August, 2020 - Spaces Available


    Pricing (AUD)

    Prices will be published by January 31st


  • Quoll

    This program offers you an exclusive opportunity to work alongside industry experts and assist in conducting valuable research that will aid in the preservation of Far North Queensland’s endangered wildlife! The rainforests of the Tablelands provide habitat for a rich array of marsupials, reptiles, invertebrates and over 320 birds, but one of the iconic species of the region is the Spotted-tailed Quoll. You will join the researchers and other team members as they check camera traps and motion detection areas to catalogue sightings, document food sources, locations and behaviours and search for evidence of visits form the Spotted-tailed Quolls. We kindly ask that our guests keep all research locations confidential. This will protect the success of our future research. This tour is not for profit with all proceeds going directly to The Australian Quoll Conservancy (AQC). If you would like to give the Spotted-tailed Quoll an extra helping hand and you wish to support the Australian Quoll Conservancy "Species Recovery Teams" you can do it online, with donations fully tax deductible.

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