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February 2017

  • Why Wild Is Best

    Posted by Janine Duffy

    Animal images are incredibly popular – our Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of baby Koalas, smiling Quokkas and contented sea turtles.   Does this popularity help wild animals in any way?  Not really, not unless the awareness is directly linked to conservation outcomes.   Take Koalas for instance – while their...

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  • Pups of Phillip Island

    Posted by Mikala Peters

    Australian Fur Seal pups are now nearly three months old, the age when they start venturing away from the safety of the rock pools at Seal Rocks. The rock pools play an important part in the early development of the pups, providing them with a safe place to swim and...

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  • The Things We Do For Love

    Posted by Australian Wildlife Journeys

    With Valentine's Day only a couple of weeks away, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the amazing feats of love for the animals that reside across the Arkaba Wildlife Conservancy: Juvenile Red Kangaroos have been documented travelling over 200km in a summer in search of mates...

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